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The  Simply me Stationery brand is all about YOU! We offer customizable products such as Planners, Page Savers, & desk accessories. These products are made to order for each customer.

Our goal is to create resourceful tools that authentically fit your style and day to day life. These products were designed to help make life a bit more structured and a lot less stressful. 

I love all things stationery! I enjoy creating new templates and tools that can help those around me in their daily lives. We all have the opportunity to live less chaotic lives when we add in a bit of structure. I started building this brand when I found myself trying to figure out how to manage my time. I quickly realized that I am a person that needs a tangible tool that I can track my day to day tasks and goals - Otherwise it becomes hard for me to keep up. Unfortunately, most stationery items I came across didn't ever quite fit what I was looking for. I always wanted something that was designed as my command central for everything I have going on. & also something that looked   This was the beginning of a passion that turned into  Simply me Stationery!



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